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3rd International Tara Rokpa Winter Camp

Facilitated by: Tara Rokpa

3rd International Tara Rokpa Winter Camp  8 - 11 February 2018 Lapland, Finland


Each day we will offer different sessions on e.g. meditation, relaxation and exploring the elements.

The schedule will leave plenty of free time for experiencing and enjoying the nature and outdoor
activities. Maintaining silence is not necessary all the time, but silence will be observed in the
morning until the end of the first practice session.

We continue our usual themes with exploring the elements in different ways in this extremely
beautiful place. This year we will go more into the theme of lights with visualisations, art and
nature tours. We will deeply explore the unique qualities of each light: red, blue and white and their
healing power. And of course we hope to see also the northern lights!

Finnish food will also be explored, and we offer you the chance to try: karjalanpiirakat (Karelian
rice pies), sautéed reindeer, pulla (sweet buns), leipäjuusto (Finnish squeaky cheece) with
cloudberry jam, Finnish crêpes and sausages.

Exploring the elements - Shinay - Lights

Venue Tunturikeimiö
Tunturikeimiö holiday resort located at the feet of Keimiöfjell in the Finnish Lapland. This area is measured to have the cleanest air on the planet.

Bookings through the registration form (https://goo.gl/forms/GkGN6Iv5F7HiadBR2)
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Tunturikeimio,Lapland, Finland

Start Date:
Thursday 8th February 2018

End Date:
Sunday 11th February 2018

150 euro

Community of Selves

Facilitated by: Sarah Wass
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Dorothy Gunn will facilitate this weekend with Sarah Wass At Samye Ling Tibetan Centre, Eskdalemuir. Both are psychotherapists & Group Tara Rokpa Therapists.

Identity can be based on the notion of the 'self as a community' rather than a single entity. This a major theme of constructivist psychologist, Professor Miller Mair. 

This weekend intends to explore this theme in a gentle way using some of the methods of Tara Rokpa. In particular, we will use relaxation & art materials to begin to explore our identity. We will focus on the 'community of selves' as a metaphor to explore the narrative of who we might be & how these narratives create 'realities' in our lives. We can so easily become 'victims of our own fiction'. In this weekend we explore ways to view ourselves with less solidity.

Akong Rinpoche developed the Tara Rokpa methods using the principles & practices of Buddhism combined with some methods & ideas from western psychological therapies.Tara Rokpa has benefitted from Millar Mair's friendship, mentorship & his innovations in the area of personal inquiry.

This weekend is suitable for those with no previous experience of Tara Rokpa & its methods & for those with some familiarity who would like to engage in this aspect of the process.

Booking is through samyeling.org

Samye Ling Tibetan Centre

Start Date:
Friday 11th May 2018

End Date:
Sunday 13th May 2018