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Taming the Tiger

Facilitated by: Susan Atkin and Sarah Wass
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Akong Rinpoche, the co-founder of Samye Ling Monastery & Tibetan Centre, was the inspiration for & originator of Tara Rokpa Therapy.  His book Taming the Tiger forms an essential part of this process.

During the course we will use the methods carefully designed by Akong Rinpoche to enable us to reflect on how our mental habits & resulting activities create & cause problems to the unfolding of harmony & peace in our lives & the lives of others. We will focus on the use of relaxations, contemplations & art materials to explore the metaphor of ‘Taming the Tiger’.

‘Tiger’ refers to the mind, our mind, the mind that can so often create difficulties for us. We will look at our potential to tame our minds through awareness, acceptance & understanding with the aim of then using our energy in more positive ways to benefit both ourselves & others.

This workshop is suitable for those who are new to the methods of Tara Rokpa & those who already have some experience. There will also be an opportunity during the course for anyone interested to hear more about Tara Tokpa.

Book through www.holyisle.org

Holy Isle

Start Date:
Thursday 13th June 2019

End Date:
Monday 17th June 2019


Working With The Elements 2

Facilitated by: Claudia Duske and Sarah Wass

The second weekend continues the sequence of experiencing & exploring the 5 elements of which ourselves & the universe are composed. To find out more please refer back to the weekend 1 ( 8 March to 10 March ) course description.

Alongside the Tara Rokpa relaxations it also forms the initial phase of Back to Beginnings. There will be opportunities during the two weekends for anyone interested to find out more & how to continue the Tara Rokpa process.

Kagyu Samye Ling: Book through samyeling.org

Start Date:
Friday 5th July 2019

End Date:
Sunday 7th July 2019


Introduction to Back to Beginnings

Facilitated by: Edie Irwin Susie Atkin

This weekend is particularly special as it marks the start of a new Tara Rokpa Back to Beginnings group.

Anyone with prior experience of the Tara Rokpa method can come along. This experience includes any of the following:

Attendance at the two 'Working with the Elements' courses held at at Samye Ling, 'Elements 1, March 8-10, 2019 & Elements 2, July 5-7, 2019.

Our courses on Holy Isle, 'The Three Healing Lights', September 14-18, 2018 or 'Tamimg the Tiger, June 13-17, 2019.

Any of the Christmas & Holy Isle retreats held by Edie also count as a pre-requisite for joining the Back to Beginnings process.

Attendance at any previous Tara Rokpa course.

It might be that you had some experience some time ago & now is the time to take up this oppotunity.

As this will be the launch of a new group all the components of Back to Beginnings will be intoduced & experienced. The weekend will also provide an overview of the whole process.

Both Edie & Susie are now available for calls for further questions & concerns about the course.

Edie: m 07764 794783

Susie: m 077 877 43934

To book on the course & for accommodation please email Susie at : info@susanatkin.co.uk 

For accommodation at The Pure Lands which is £88.00 for a single room for the two nights & all meals: also email Susie.

The Pure Lands, Samye Ling

Start Date:
Friday 1st November 2019

End Date:
Sunday 3rd November 2019