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Brion Sweeney (currently on sabbatical)

MB Bch., BAO., MRCPsych., MMed.Sc.,(psychotherapy) ICPA., UKCP., TRTA.

Brion Sweeney

Brion practices as a psychiatrist in Dublin in the National Health System and is clinical director for Drug Addiction Services for Greater North Dublin.
Brion has a keen interest in psychotherapy and holds master degree from University College Dublin (1986). He has been a supervisor and psychotherapy trainer since 1992.
The interface between East and Western approaches to the mind, between mind/body and mind/body medicine and neuroscience are his abiding interests.
His research area at present is the translation of evidence based psychotherapeutic interventions into main stream health services.

Brion has travelled as a Tara Rokpa Therapist since 1991 and is currently engaged in designing a suite of new psychotherapy trainings at diploma, masters and doctoral level both within and outside of university structures. He furthers his self reflection and inner inquiry through regular meditation and the guidance of his meditation teachers including Venerable Akong Rinpoche, His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche , Trangu Rinpoche drawing mainly on the Kagyu Vajrayana tradition for his guidance and inspiration including the school's head Gyalwa Karmapa Urgen Trinley Dorje.

Location: Dublin Eire
Telephone: +353 (0)862 471706
Email: brionsweeney@tararokpa.org