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Mary Macfarlane

Bowen Therapist

Mary Macfarlane

Mary is passionate about the fact that the Bowen Technique can be used to bring about lasting change, reduce pain and improve functionality.

Mary's primary focus when using the Bowen Technique is working with the whole person to bring about improvements in pain levels and day to day functioning, assisting the body's own healing process.
Daily activities, sport, accident or illness can change the way your body moves and functions through setting up patterns, the structure of the body will change to accommodate that pattern which in turn may lead to imbalance, pain, illness, injury and "dis-function".

Mary believes that every unique body has its own innate wisdom, a unique "blueprint" of health. The Bowen "moves" change the current body patterns by challenging it to remember that blueprint so over time, a healthy, balanced structure can return. This is the reason the Bowen Technique, described as a soft tissue remedial therapy can affect and change many types of illnesses and pain.

Mary is fully insured and is a full member of CHNC and BTPA and is governed by their ethical and professional standards of practice.

For more information about Mary and appointments for the Bowen Technique please contact her directly.

Location: Edinburgh
Mobile: +44(0)7989 133215
Email: mary@boweninlothian.co.uk
Website: www.boweninlothian.co.uk