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Learning to Relax

Tara Rokpa Therapy is based on the principle that the human mind carries its own dignity and healing capacity which can never be permanently damaged or destroyed.

This innate capacity can become familiar to all of us and is most obviously expressed in moments of relaxed openness. Yet most of the time our lives are busy and stressful and we tend to move from one experience to the next with little awareness that this kind of relaxed openness is available to us all the time.

This is especially so in times of difficulty when the more usual response of the body and mind is to tighten. More often than not in these moments we have a tendency to solidly identify with aspects of our experiencing, seeing little choice or ways out of difficulties encountered. Yet generally when the mind is in a relaxed state creative solutions are easier to find.

Problems examined a fresh from a relaxed mind state are approached with more ease and fluidity and no longer seem so overwhelming or impossible. This open quality of mind is natural to all of us. No one is a stranger to momentary experiences of calmness, stillness and tranquility. However for more calm states of mind to become a stable part of our day to day experiencing relaxation and awareness practices are generally thought to be helpful.

Learning to Relax is a standalone course in which the benefits of developing calmer states of mind and body are explored and experienced. Specific relaxation/visualisation exercises are introduced as well as how to get started with the practice of simple massage and self massage, as well as other simple physical exercises.

Based on the book Healing Relaxation by Edie Irwin all of the material used is derived from early collaboration with Akong Rinpoche, founder of this method. Since all of the components of Learning to Relax together form the underlying structure for all of the following stages, they also form a basis of experience should you choose to continue with the work.