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Tara Trust

tara trust

What is it?

Tara Trust is a Scottish charity whose mission statement from its inception in 1986 is to foster all forms of medicine and therapy based in compassion. Since 1986 Tara Trust has existed in three different legal identities: Originally, the Edinburgh Tara Trust, a Scottish charity formed in 1986. From 1993 to 2008, Tara Rokpa (Edinburgh and Norfolk) branches of the Rokpa Trust (an English charity). Since 2008, Tara Trust is a Scottish charity based in Edinburgh.

Throughout this time our aims and directions have remained very largely the same and have taken their inspiration directly from the founding member Akong Rinpoche. The Trust has contributed to the development of different levels of training, some dedicated to the development of a psychotherapy, and some to the UK practice and accreditation of traditional Tibetan Medicine. Since 1988 it has also maintained a base in Edinburgh where Tara Rokpa therapists and Tibetan medical practitioners, associated with the Trust have been able to practice along side other therapists, all of whom offer their services at affordable rates. At the same time the Trust has spear headed the task of meeting the UK regulatory requirements for the highest level of psychotherapy and traditional Tibetan herbal medicine.


Where is it?

Tara Trust, 15 Rosebery Crescent, Edinburgh EH12 5JY

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