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Tara Rokpa Shine Retreats

tara rokpa shine retreats

Tara Rokpa Shine Retreats are open to all participants in the Tara Rokpa Therapy process from the Back to Beginnings process onwards. Shine is a Tibetan word which is often translated as Mindfulness.

These retreats are based on specific instructions from Akong Rinpoche and developed with Tara Rokpa therapists to allow an introduction to formal sitting practice which is integrated with mindfulness and awareness in ordinary everyday activities. 

In addition to four formal hours of meditation each day participants are invited in the other 20 hours to apply mindfulness awareness to activities such as walking, breathing, writing, conversations, cleaning, eating, massage, art work, sleeping and even working on the computer.  Some of this happens in optional group sessions and some is on one's own.

Keeping silence is not an essential feature of the Tara Rokpa approach to Shine meditation.  The purpose of the retreat is to help us integrate the fruits of our practice into our daily lives.   In this way we may be able to cultivate qualities of non distractedness and thus deal better with many of the challenges encountered in every day life. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet with other involved in the Tara Rokpa process and to practice together.