tara rokpa therapy


Since 1992 the Tara Rokpa Psychotherapy Training faculty has developed and run three professional psychotherapy trainings at masters level. Having completed these trainings the Tara Rokpa Psychotherapy faculty saw the need for stepping back.

The Tara Rokpa Therapy Association was the training organisation under whose umbrella the trainings were convened. It was a recognised accrediting organisation within the  UKCP until September 2022. It is not currently providing psychotherapy training.

The Core Training Group wanted time to further explore and explicate trainings of relevance to those who might be interested in training with us worldwide. Within this development the Core Group were aware of the need to take account of cultural context as well as the statutory regulation of psychotherapy and the laws that apply in individual countries.

The Fourth Tara Rokpa Psychotherapy Training has yet to be launched but it is planned to emphasise participation in the TRT Process along with an emphasis apprenticeship based group psychotherapy training.

Download this training programme brochure for 2010 (pdf)