tara rokpa therapy

Short Course Leader Training

Who might be interested ?

These trainings are for those who are interested in leading courses in Learning to Relax, Working with the Elements and the Six Lights independent of and outwith the Tara Rokpa Therapy process.

Entry Requirements
Individuals wishing to become a Tara Rokpa Short Course Leader may apply to start these courses once they have completed the Back to Beginnings and Taming the Tiger 1 stage of the Tara Rokpa process, however they will need to have completed the Six Lights in their personal process before being certified as an Instructor.

Entry to this course is by written application.

Structure of Course Delivery
Each training assumes a thorough personal integration of the methods, and takes place over two three day weekends. 

These are separated  by a period of several months to give time to set up and run a practice group, write one's own experience of presenting the work and create a personal teaching programme. 

Competence to teach is assessed at the second weekend of the training when the trainee submits both a written report and a recorded session and presents, as if to a group, an aspect of the course.

The trainee must display a confidence in and feeling for the work, as well as an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of TRT.

Training Qualification
Trainees who successfully pass the assessment process for this training will be awarded a certificate which qualifies them to run specific short courses under the auspices of Tara Rokpa.

Continuous Professional Development is required for those who continue to run short courses under the auspices of Tara Rokpa, for example participation at the Tara Rokpa Therapy Shine Retreat, Summer Camp or further stages of the Tara Rokpa process.