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Course Calendar

We offer online and in-person workshops. Some of the workshops have a pre-requisite requirement, see the course details for more information.

Courses and workshops you can attend

German language courses held in Germany are all detailed on: https://tararokpa.de/

French language Taming the Tiger courses are detailed on: https://www.kagyusamyeling.be/index.php/fr/ for courses in Beaumont and https://www.samye.be/ for courses in Bruxelles

In South Africa courses at the Tara Rokpa Centre at Groot Marico are detailed on: https://tararokpacentre.co.za/

Ongoing and Online

Relaxations and Visualisations (in Finnish and English) are offered weekly on a Wednesday evening. They are open to everyone who has attended an introductory Tara Rokpa workshop. Please contact tararokpafinland@gmail.com for more details and the zoom link.

‘Awakening Our Potential’/ ‘Buddha Within’ visualisation (in Finnish and English) is facilitated once a month on Saturday evenings. This session is open to everyone who has completed the ‘Back to Beginnings’ phase of the process. Please contact tararokpafinland@gmail.com for more details and the zoom link.

Mind Training sessions using the text ‘The Great Path of Awakening’ are lead by Brion Sweeney and Edie Irwin weekly on Sunday mornings. They are for all those who have completed the ‘Compassion’ stage of the process. Please contact bsweeney@gofree.indigo.ie for more details and a zoom link.

Kalu Rinpoche Yogas practice sessions are offered monthly on a Saturday morning by Brion Sweeney and Uwe Laumer. These are for all those who have completed ‘Taming the Tiger 2’ in the process and have received a live presentation from a qualified Tara Rokpa Therapist. Please contact TanjaSchaetzer@posteo.de for more information and the zoom link.

Introduction to Back to Beginnings

Facilitated by: Sarah Wass
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Free introductory evening Friday 3rd May 6:30- 8:00 pm

Followed by 5 monthly workshops: 

  • Saturday 18th May
  • Saturday 15th June
  • Saturday 6th July

Workshop time: 10am to 5pm

September and October dates tbc once we know group members availability

The cost of each workshop day is £50/ £40 concession

For more information:


The group will remain open to new people joining up until 6th July

Cardiff Tibetan Buddhist Centre, 250 Cowbridge Road East, Canton, Cardiff CF5 1GZ

Start Date:
Friday 3rd May 2024

End Date:
Saturday 6th July 2024


The Way of Tara Rokpa

Facilitated by: Annie Dibble
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Akong Rinpoche spent many years developing a method of mind training using Buddhist principles, which he wanted to be accessible to people who aren’t attracted to formal Dharma practices, but who never the less recognise that their way of engaging with society, as well as their interactions with others and the environment could be developed more beneficially. 

When followed with care, Akong Rinpoche felt the way of Tara Rokpa could help individuals develop maturity of mind and engage in their world more compassionately.

Over the weekend we will take an overview of the Tara Rokpa programme, and explore some of the methods taught by Rinpoche that form the heart of the Tara Rokpa Process.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing, and bring a yoga or camping mat if you have one.

Bookings for this course will open from 10th April 2024, when you will be able to book your place on the course and also guest accommodation by sending an email to bookings@samyeling.org

Register for this course through the Samye LIng Website

Samye Ling

Start Date:
Friday 14th June 2024

End Date:
Sunday 16th June 2024


Exploring the Five Elements

Facilitated by: Ani Palden

This experiential course will investigate the Five Elements, which make up the Universe and our own bodies. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.

There is great value in exploring and coming to understand the Elements in our complete environment; especially their interconnection with ourselves at a physical, emotional and mental level. Through exploration we will see how the Five Elements are constantly ‘at play’, continually moving and changing to find the natural balance that is essential for our health and wellbeing.

The course will incorporate the use of art materials for simple free painting and drawing to aid relaxation. There will be specific guided contemplations on the elements, using visualisations for a deeper inner enquiry and self healing relaxation. Please bring a few simple art materials, such as paper, water colours/ paints or crayons. Comfortable warm clothing is good to bring and something to lie down on, such as a yoga mat/ roll.

We will make good use of the beautiful Holy Isle landscape to explore the Elements!

For more information and accommodation costs:


Holy Isle, Lamlash Bay, KA27 8GB Scotland

Start Date:
Friday 14th June 2024

End Date:
Tuesday 18th June 2024


In Harmony with The Earth

Facilitated by: The International Therapist Team

The 26th German Summer Camp (in the German and English language) 

Harmony with our Earth, with others, and within ourselves currently seems farther away than ever.
But if we understand harmony as a dynamic balance, which we have to recreate again and again, we will not feel so helpless any more. Then there is always something to do!

Akong Rinpoche called this “coordination”. The art of coordinating ourselves with our surroundings in a way that achieves the best outcome for everybody. This is the core of Tara Rokpa work. We start with learning to better understand ourselves and our inner dynamics, and then increase flexibility and balance more and more.

A central metaphor for this are the Five Elements: In us, in others, in the world. The summer camp will use this understanding on different levels. 

For more information and costs: https://tararokpa.de/en/summercamp/

Hof Oberlethe, Germany

Start Date:
Sunday 21st July 2024

End Date:
Sunday 28th July 2024

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Taming the Tiger

Facilitated by: Brion Sweeney
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"Refraining from all harm,
Bringing benefit to others,
And taming our own mind is the teaching of The Buddha."

Continuing from last year's course, Brion will focus on 'Taming the Tiger', a book written by Akong Rinpoche as a gift to Westerners to help us to understand and tame our own minds.

The weekend is suitable for newcomers as well as those who attended in 2023.

It will be presented by Brion Sweeney who is a Tara Rokpa Therapist, having been trained by Akong Rinpoche to present Taming the Tiger & Tara Rokpa Therapy.

Bookings for this course will open in August

See Samye Ling website for futher details.

Samye Ling

Start Date:
Friday 4th October 2024

End Date:
Sunday 6th October 2024