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Tara Rokpa are currently offering regular ongoing relaxation and visualisation sessions by Zoom

To find out more and have access to the Zoom link please contact your group co-ordinator. These sessions are shared with our Scandinavian groups (email: tararokpafinland@gmail.com) as well as English speaking members of groups world-wide, including Zimbabwe. In Germany Tara Rokpa also now has regular sessions for all groups..

The Programme for English Speakers

Wednesdays: 4.00pm UK time [6.00pm Finnish time] Open to all who have ben introduced to the first exercises and those in the Healing Relaxation and Back to Beginning phases.
Fridays: Please check with your group co-ordinator for times; These sessions are for those who are Post Back to Beginnings, into Taming the Tiger or later phases of the process. All sessions are free and are being appreciated by all those who join us.

Courses You Can Attend

courses you can attend

Taming the Tiger

Facilitated by: Brion Sweeney
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Taming the Tiger 

Refraining from all harm,

Bringing Benefit to others.  

Taming our own mind is the teaching of the Buddha.

This weekend will focus on 'Taming the Tiger' a book written by Akong Rinpoche as a gift to westerners to help us understand and tame our own minds.Taming the Tiger offers a simple approach to find the sort of happiness for oneself that also brings happiness to others.  It teaches us common sense principles of the Buddhist view as they can be applied in everyday life, it speaks to anyone seeking the truth about happiness and suffering and provides exercises which, if practised consistently, will provide a basis for self-knowledge, mind therapy and self healing which will continue to serve throughout one's life.  

The course is open to everyone who wishes to achieve more peace of mind.

Brion Sweeney will facilitate the weekend.  He is a qualifed psychiatrist, Tara Rokpa Therapist and is a lifelong student of Akong Rinpoche who developed Tara Rokpa Therapy.  He recently completed a 3 year retreat under the guidance of HE Tai Situpa Rinpoche.

The course begins at 7.00pm on Friday the 29th of September and ends of Sunday the 1st October at 5.30pm.

To book please go to Samye Ling's website or email bookings@samyeling.org

Samye Ling Monastery, Eskdalemuir, Scotland

Start Date:
Friday 29th September 2023

End Date:
Sunday 1st October 2023