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courses you can attend

The 3 Healing Lights: White, Red and Blue

Facilitated by: Sarah Wass
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The white, red and blue light visualisations use the healing qualities and powers of the elements that make up our bodies, our world and our universe. The visualisations use the elements in their pure form and in their most essential form, that of light. The pure white light is especially suited to heal our physical body; the pure red light relates especially to the healing of emotional pain and blocks of expression and creativity; whereas the pure blue light especially helps to heal our fears, anxieties and lack of confidence.

During the weekend the Tara Rokpa methods of movement, self massage and the use art of materials will be introduced to support the practice of these visualisations.  The visualisations can be practised as relaxations or meditations both during the workshop and also at home to help us acknowledge, accept and deal with difficulties when they arise in our lives.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a blanket.

Bookings: www.london.samye.org

Kagyu Samye Dzong, London

Start Date:
Saturday 9th March 2024

End Date:
Sunday 10th March 2024


The Way of Tara Rokpa

Facilitated by: Annie Dibble
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Akong Rinpoche spent many years developing a method of mind training using Buddhist principles, which he wanted to be accessible to people who aren’t attracted to formal Dharma practices, but who never the less recognise that their way of engaging with society, as well as their interactions with others and the environment could be developed more beneficially. 

When followed with care, Akong Rinpoche felt the way of Tara Rokpa could help individuals develop maturity of mind and engage in their world more compassionately.

Over the weekend we will take an overview of the Tara Rokpa programme, and explore some of the methods taught by Rinpoche that form the heart of the Tara Rokpa Process.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing, and bring a yoga or camping mat if you have one.

Bookings for this course will open from 10th April 2024, when you will be able to book your place on the course and also guest accommodation by sending an email to bookings@samyeling.org

Register for this course through the Samye LIng Website

Samye Ling

Start Date:
Friday 14th June 2024

End Date:
Sunday 16th June 2024