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Relationship To Other Modalities: How Are We Different / Distinctive?

tara rokpa psychotherapy

Tara Rokpa Psychotherapy defines itself as a Buddhist based psychotherapy which is consistent with a Constructivist analysis of reality. TRP has strong leanings towards a Radical Constructivist perspective. Kelly posited that we can only have approximations to reality. TRP shares with other Constructivists concerns about taking responsibility for how we construe and experience the world and questions the possibility that we can know anything definite of any reality that might be out there. In this it also shares common ground with Existentialist and Phenomenological approaches.

While it does not share the psychoanalytic view of the unconscious, TRP does value the kind of free-wheeling reverie of free association where the habitual and socially conditioned tendency to limit the range of thinkable thoughts is released and all thoughts are allowed.

While we would not advocate the strict assumptions and treatment protocols found in the Cognitive Behavioural approach, we do encourage people to engage with and enquire through specific exercises and visualisations which open out the experience of being human. Along with other Mindfulness-based approaches we acknowledge that not fixating on thoughts as solid can be helpful for the client and therapist in the mutual quest to open up new alternatives and possibilities. Such identification with our thoughts is often the ground of momentary identity.

TRP shares many of the values of Humanistic Psychotherapy but does not hold with the notion of the existence of a self or a Higher Self, nor in strengthening self-actualisation.