tara rokpa therapy

Beate Jantzer

dipl. Social Worker, Heilpraktiker (Psych), DGTA, EAP, TRTA

Beate Jantzer

Born in the Black Forest (1964). After her community work engagement in London-Tottenham she moved to Cologne to study social work - in the field of women and violence. 

 Work experience in the field of psychiatry, children home and as head of a women's counselling place. 

Since 1994 part-time self-employed as a relationship orientated Transactionanalysist. 

The birth of her daughter 1997 was a turning point in her life and brought her in touch with buddhist views and finally Akong Rinpoche in 2001 which led her into her Tara Rokpa process work in 2005. 

 Since 2007 she works a full-time as a free-lance psychotherapist in her own place outside the NHSS system accompanied by Tara Rokpa short courses in Healing Relaxation, Element Work and Taming the Tiger. 

 Since 2017 she is a Tara Rokpa Group Therapist.

She was fortunate to receive guidance from Akong Rinpoche during his life.

Location: Cologne, Germany
Telephone: +49 221 72 82 53
Mobile: +49 152 0286 3782
Email: kontakt@beate-jantzer.de
Website: www.beate-jantzer.de