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Annie Dibble


Annie Dibble

Annie discovered the Tara Rokpa Therapy process in 1984, before it had a name. Since then it has accompanied her, initially providing a research tool for personal inquiry and later in her work as therapist.In 2003 she joined the Tara Rokpa Training Faculty.
As the therapy primarily promotes integration of construed and actual lived realities, she has endeavoured to align the practice with her other passion, that of researching and teaching on the ethics of textile production in the third world for consumption in the west. This has created a tension that has at times been less than comfortable, but has acutely brought home the dilemmas and life choices that face so many.

For more than thirty years she has been privileged to study under eminent Tibetan meditation masters, who also opened the doors to travel in India and Nepal.In that time she has made a number of trips there and recently took early retirement from teaching woven textiles at NCAD Dublin to continue researching both 'constructed material' and 'constructivist material'.

Annie travels to TRT groups throughout Europe has a private practice in Dublin. Her special interest is in the areas of relationship and bereavement, alongside using art materials as a therapeutic tool. She has had several articles published in the Irish Journals 'Eisteach' and 'Inside Out'.

Location: Dublin Eire
Telephone: +353 (0)87286 1090
Email: anniedibble@tararokpa.org