tara rokpa therapy

Claudia Duske

Claudia Duske 

I first met Akong Rinpoche in 2005 at the summer camp in Oberlethe, Germany. 

I was so impressed by his way of being and the methods he taught us that I decided to follow the Tara Rokpa Process until graduating as Tara Rokpa group therapist - even though I thought I have had enough of therapy and self-experience through my study and training as a Psychological Psychotherapist. 

The following years I was lucky enough to meet him several times and learn from other brilliant Dharma teachers as well. The spaciousness and depths of the Tara Rokpa view and methods are still unfolding for me since then. I work as a Psychological Psychotherapist in my own practice in the beautiful medieval centre of Lübeck, Germany. 

Apart from joining meditation practice retreats I enjoy doing long walks on the beach with my husband.